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Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) pre-launch video

An impactful thought leadership video that sets the tone for the festival's upcoming launch.

Constellar, one of Asia's leading trade show and exhibition organisers, creates opportunities for the global MICE eco-system to interact via large-scale events and venues. 



Craft a video to showcase Singapore Fintech Festival's lineup of visionary speakers prior to its launch.


To create a festival video that resonates with a diverse global audience and captures the essence of the evolving financial landscape during COVID.


  • Teamed up with Constellar's Venue Product Owner and the PR team to meticulously research and choose key messages from our esteemed speakers for the feature selection.

  • Crafted a video script to showcase the inaugural digital launch of SFF in December 2020, inspiring our target users to attend the Festival.

  • Joined forces with our vendor and motion graphics editor to craft a compelling storyboard. Played an active role in handpicking the perfect background music, setting the tone, so it resonates with our intended audience.

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