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Payments and Lending Glossary


Amid the expansion of our Payments and Lending products across Southeast Asia, it became apparent that similar product terms were being used differently. To avoid confusing users, I created a glossary that defines everything clearly for all teams.


  • Organised for Easy Wayfinding: The glossary is structured such that product terms are labelled clearly and grouped based on language or region. This includes character length, symbols, placements, cultural taboos, and no-go for each product term. 

  • Relationships Made Clear: The content categories are organised intuitively, showing how different products relate to each other. This helps stakeholders easily discover relevant information.

  • Collaborated with Country Legal and Compliance Regulatory teams on standardising currencies, VAT, fines, initialisms, abbreviations, icons, offers, time zones, and symbols in accordance with our licensing guidelines. 

The glossary evolved into a dynamic document, capturing all the distinctive terms and phrases within Grab's financial and technology domain.
It served as a single source of truth to reduce errors and foster consistent communication within the organisation. This empowered all Grab Financial Group stakeholders with quick and effortless access to essential information.

Payments & Lending glossary

(This image contains sensitive or private information that has been intentionally hidden.)


The glossary was integrated into our Design Systems for easy access and visibility.

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