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PropertyGuru | Mortgage Calculator


PropertyGuru is Southeast Asia's leading digital property marketplace in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.​


Homeowners facing high interest rates due to COVID-19 could use PropertyGuru's Mortgage Repayment Calculator to find better refinancing deals and save money.

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  • While finding better mortgage deals on PropertyGuru, user surveys revealed a need for a simple calculator. To meet users' financial goals, I teamed up with the product owner, designer, and engineers to build a basic Mortgage Repayment Calculator focused on refinancing. 

  • Worked with developers to make it user-friendly and handle different loan details.

  • Launched it in Malaysia as the Home Loan Calculator.

  • Helped with SEO, content, and created explainer templates, and how-to videos.

Mortgage calculator webpage


To empower users and improve their monthly cashflow, we set out to introduce an innovative tool - a self-help mortgage calculator.

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SEO meets FOMO. This tool gave birth to more feature-rich, modular housing loan tools that empowered users to determine their budget, find the best housing loan, and make informed property purchase decisions.

House loan tools
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