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Mortgage calculator webpage


To empower users and improve their monthly cashflow, we set out to introduce an innovative tool - a self-help mortgage calculator.

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  • Based on our surveys with users and brainstorming various ideas with the Mortgage team, we decided a minimalist calculator could do the trick. We hypothesized that the primary purpose of the mortgage repayment calculator is to either refinance to a longer tenure or accelerate loan repayment to lower interest rates. 


  • In close collaboration with developers, we embarked on a journey to tailor the tool to cater to users' distinct financial requirements. We explored ways to personalise and scale our solution by enabling seamless data input – from interest rates to loan tenure and amounts – for effortless calculation and formatting.

  • Additionally, to cater to user familiarity and regional relevance, this tool was rolled out in Malaysia as the Home Loan Calculator.

  • Contributed to various efforts, including SEO optimisation, content curation, localisation, and writing a detailed blog explaining its usage.


SEO meets FOMO. This tool gave birth to more feature-rich, modular housing loan tools that empowered users to determine their budget, find the best housing loan, and make informed property purchase decisions.

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