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Mystery Rewards on Grab

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Grab is a super-app that offers everything from essential services to earning opportunities.


Our goal was to increase users' loyalty by instilling rewarding habits, encouraging them to choose Grab as their preferred payment option for checkout.


However, consistent user feedback highlighted a challenge:

Users had trouble correlating points earned with the actual amount redeemable on Grab, as well as, 30% of users received empty reward boxes, leading to waning confidence in their value. In addition, issuing fixed reward points put a strain on Grab's profit margins. So, the team was tasked with revamping mystery rewards, offering users a rewarding experience while cutting costs for Grab. 

Image by Sincerely Media


 Mystery Rewards on Grab - project by Manasi


Our hypothesis was that the rewards system was transactional and rewarded only those who spent more. The product needed a clear, consistent persona to help users develop habits and guide them through a journey of triggers, actions, and variable rewards. To tackle this, I alongwith with the cross-functional team, created discovery to decision-affirmation content. We used user research findings to set clear priorities, refining the product's core persona and voice, while also managing user expectations.


  • >60% users on Grab are deal hunters. They even use Grab to pay school fees and taxes, taking advantage of the fixed reward points system where they earn 6 times as many points for every $ spent.

  • The middle-tier users were super-savers, and the rest were credit-cautious. 

  • To cater to all three user types, we needed a rewards system that's engaging, rewards consistently, and offers real value, both in-app and on a merchant's website when users pay with Grab. 

User archetypes
Credit openess of archetypes
Expectations and needs of Archetypes

I also laid out the UI Facing terms and their conventions:

Offers: Used only for discounts or any other merchant-generated promos, are called "offers".

Promos: Used only for specifying promo codes. Everything else is deals or offers.

Minimum: In case of limited space affordance, we can shorten this to min. <currency.amount> or min. spend.

Rewards: Given in recognition of someone's efforts for completing a task/goal. Rewards could come in the form of points, discounts, or codes.

Prize: Won as part of a contest/competition/campaign. It can also be intangible, such as money, SKUs, vouchers, etc...

Value proposition


Analytic and heuristic research showed our original interface had some issues:

A] A busy home screen makes users scroll to discover mystery rewards.

B] Secondary hierarchy pages were hidden and not easily accessible.

C] During the campaign, the steps of winning mystery rewards weren't highlighted.

I, along with my product designer, improved the home screen and secondary entry points to fix these issues.

Grab homepage

Users are able to quickly unbox the mystery rewards they've won.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-29 at 2.54.58 PM.jpeg
  • As we went from a single to multiple campaigns, I adopted a campaign-specific approach and focused on users winning “A mystery reward for completing a task.” I felt this theme not only conveyed a fact but was digestible and something a user could easily get used to. 

top banner
Task component big
Atom home.png
  • Using the behavioural science principles of anchoring and priming, I placed key information in the simplest way for user engagement.

Activity details screen

Used the “Did you know?” technique to pique the interest of users to earn more rewards.

activity screen.png

Tied mystery rewards to completing just one task.

Added a tip to motivate users to keep transacting with Grab.

Added a CTA for prompt action.

  • Checkout: As users linked their bank accounts, topped up their wallets, or shopped online on merchant websites, they started accruing mystery rewards.

Bank account linkage
Top up successful screen
Checkout screen
Mystery rewards bottom sheet
  • An integrated rewards journey: Users complete activities, earn rewards, view their history, and redeem them from a single location.

Mystery rewards history
Mystery rewards-history-grand prize details.png


  • I teamed up with business and marketing to craft the product's persona and give it a unique voice dimension. 

  • Next, new value props were scoped with product marketing.

Mystery Rewards persona
Voice dimension of mystery rewards


The positive impact.

Since its relaunch in mid-October 2022, revenue per unit ($ reward) grew by 4x. GrabPay QR campaign became our most successful campaign thus far. ​


The total reward spend dropped by 80% and we also managed to reward 33% more users than average.


The content was replicated and localised for the Malaysian and Philippines markets.


What can we try next?

  • We identified that navigating through more than 3 campaigns on the Mystery Rewards homepage becomes challenging during simultaneous campaigns. Hence, we should implement a logic that shows users only the most relevant campaigns based on their interactions with Grab.

  • We could improve user satisfaction by creating a tailored survey feedback loop for those who have opened their mystery rewards.

  • We could validate our chosen tone of voice by looking at how users describe their box-opening experience.

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