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Creative Arrangment
Manasi Hukku

Hi there 👋 
I'm Manasi.

A Content Designer and a bridge-builder, who connects human interaction dots through language and technology.

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Kuala Lumpur



I live in

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At a Grabmart immersion

About Me

I'm a melting pot of cultures. I bring 14 years of storytelling, passion, and creative problem-solving experience to connecting human-behavior dots across Entertainment, Branding, MICE, and FinTech. My last job was as a Content Designer with Grab. I helped ship and launch Grab's Payments, Lending, and Loyalty products for 34.9 million monthly transacting users.


As a ‌content designer fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, German, and a little French; this fusion fuels my passion for human-centered design. It helps me leverage storytelling, customer insights, and strategic thinking to convey complex ideas simply and help people achieve their day-to-day goals. 

My journey so far.

Children Using Tablets
Web Designing

My motto

Make the world more human, useful, and inclusive.

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When I'm not working... 

I explore unchartered territories. I travel the world, discover new facets of myself, write short stories and blogs, whip up upsetting amounts of baked treats with my flour-smeared children, and break into Bollywood dance moves!


You can read some of my writing on Medium or enjoy a piece from one of my published stories here.

I’d love to help you solve your challenges with words. Email me or hit me up me on LinkedIn, and let's discuss the way forward. 

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